The MobileMe&You conference explores how to think differently about storytelling on mobile and social media platforms to better reach the audiences of today and tomorrow.

Launched in 2015, this conference highlights new and innovative techniques and best practices to look ahead at newsgathering in an ever-changing landscape.

MobileMe&You brings together leading experts and researchers to talk with professors, students and journalists about how to inform and engage new audiences in the mobile era. Key topics are:

Audience: reaching the audience of the future that doesn’t use traditional media

Storytelling: understanding that we can’t tell stories with mobile media using the same techniques we did online or in print

Personalization: using techniques that make mobile media unique, like geo-targeting

Content: discussing best practices for using drones, bots, sensors, virtual reality, 360 video, mobile multimedia news gathering and editing, artificial intelligence, voice control and audience dynamics

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