Special thanks to Cody Elmore (UNL 2015) for designing our site and marketing 

material and helping me plan MobileMe&You. He was often an army of one. Thanks, 

also, to Sue Roush, director of marketing and communications in the College of 

Journalism and Mass Communications, and to Haley Hamel, special projects 

coordinator and event planner, for all their assistance.


My special projects class in mobile and social media produced a great social media 

campaign for the conference, provided mobile media research and helped with live-

streaming all the sessions. They helped make this conference a success. They are:


Azlin Armstrong, Jaron Bouwman, Brett Dettmer, Lauren Finney, Kacie Hughes, 

Xavier Jackson, Calla Kessler, Gloria Kimbulu, Kendal Leffler, Bailey Lisosky, 

McCartney Martin, Eliza Nguyen, Sydney Novak, Nathan Olsen, Anna Owens, Jennifer 

Rooney, Sydni Rowen, Kristin Shields, Nathan Smith, Jordan Snader, Samantha 

Vandersteen and Madison Wurtele.


Thanks, also, to Dean Maria B. Marron, editor of the journal Journalism and Mass 

Communication Educator, for supporting this conference by dedicating a special 

edition of the journal to the topic of research on mobile media.


My extreme appreciation goes to all of the speakers at MobileMe&You. They 

enthusiastically gave their time and expertise to help others learn more about 

mobile media best practices.


Gary Kebbel