'Pushing' the boundary

By Marcell Walton

Is your newsroom looking to create a mobile news app? Christopher Guess may be able to help with that. Guess is trying to help newsrooms build their own custom mobile app with all the bells and whistles one might come to expect. How does he plan to do this? With his own app development software tentatively called Push. Guess discussed his vision for Push during his presentation, “Mobile news app platforms for your small newsroom,” at this year’s MobileMe&You conference. 

Guess is well aware that many small to midsize newsrooms do not have the time or funding to build their own custom mobile app. Push is designed with that in mind to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. And Guess says that your newsroom will not have to sacrifice quality and functionality, as Push still offers an array of attractive features for prospective users, regardless of the size of their media operation. 



Examples of Push features include:

-       View current headlines

-       Read recent news stories

-       Sort stories by categories

-       Video Integration

-       Share articles on social media

-       The ability to receive push notifications

-       And much more!

Newsrooms across the world are already using Push, like Meydan TV in Azerbaijan, and Guess hopes to reach many more. Before the end of his presentation Guess noted that one of the major obstacles Push is currently facing is censorship in many of the foreign newsrooms that employ the app. Not to be outdone, he's working on a fix for that as well.