Constant adaptation for mobile and off-platform storytelling | Stephanie Clary, CNN

Emerging platforms offer the exciting opportunity to serve, impact and reach new audiences. But navigating this ever-changing landscape also requires intentional and creative workflows as well as agile teams. See how CNN has adapted across platforms and where teams are looking to grow next.

  • Plan coverage for each platform you're on because what works on one doesn’t necessarily work on the other.

  • Try to meet your audience where they are. For instance, people on Twitter expect things to be live and updating constantly, and people on Instagram want a more visual experience.

  • CNN has built "agile teams that can plan for change" that helps the company use social media well.

  • CNN's keys to success:

  1. Be intentional -- explore opportunities for growth with a clear strategy in mind, and stay authentic to the core journalism and voice

  2. Have consistency -- have disciplined workflows to develop habits

  3. Have diversity -- among teams, content and platforms