From linear television to content company | Mark Hulsey, Big Ten Network

Since it's inception in the mid-2000s, the Big Ten Network has shifted from focusing on linear, or traditional, TV to marrying linear to digital and social networks around live sports, a communal experience.

  • It's the greatest time to be a consumer. For media companies, it means they have to adapt and thrive. If they stay stagnant, they will not survive.

  • Mobile changes the way things are produced for linear TV. The barrier between linear and digital is completely broken down, and the growing audience is certainly on mobile.

  • AI for generating highlights became a game-changer for Big Ten Network. It is used to populate clips in minutes on social media platforms.

  • Multi-platform video producer/editor (MVPE) program helps to find content providers among students on Big Ten Network campuses to generate as much social content as possible every day.