Full travel grants to attend the MobileMe&You2 conference are available to journalism and communications professors at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, thanks to funding from the MacArthur Foundation and the Institute of International Education.

MobileMe&You2 will be Oct. 27-29 in Chicago and Oct. 27-28 in San Francisco. The conference will focus on best ways to use mobile media to gather news and distribute it, paying particular attention to youth, the audience of the future. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Snap journalism – how to reach youth on Snapchat
  • Drone journalism – what you need to know about aerial video and 3D mapping
  • Sensor journalism - the newest approaches and projects
  • 360 journalism – giving stories a new viewpoint
  • VR journalism – putting the audience into your story
  • Student journalists – a student panel on how to use mobile tools like a mobile native
  • Audience for mobile, wearable and drone journalism
  • Mobile media and the Hispanic audience
  • Updates on mobile journalism research from the Pew Research Center
  • Teaching mobile journalism

Nominations for the 10 travel grants may be made by the head of faculty member’s unit.

Please send an email with your nomination to

Gary Kebbel, journalism professor, University of Nebraska


For more information, call 703-582-6758